Good research ensures that you can tell the difference between major and minor matters and opinions. With the multitude of available information, it is important to filter properly so that objective and factual knowledge is created.


As a company you have a question about the market in which you operate. What are the trends and developments, what are the competitors doing, what does my SWOT analysis look like? A detailed market analysis can help you in your strategic development.


Internal and external factors determine the future of a company. Looking at the potential impact, many of these factors can pose a risk. Making an inventory of business risks contributes to better control over business operations.


The latest news from a variety of sources can be of interest to your company. A newsletter can inform you about relevant developments and market moves within your sector. I can send you this at an agreed frequency.

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In 2015, I started BrilJan. My name is Jan Schepers (1969) and I have worked as a senior researcher at various companies including KPMG, ING and Telecompaper. Here I gained experience in retail, food, telecom, energy, automotive, real estate, media, leisure and construction sectors. I maintained contacts with the partners and managers of the companies.

In recent years, I have conducted research into family businesses, the gambling market, fintech, blockchain, subscription economy, consumer markets, the legal profession, the travel industry and the energy marketFor larger projects, I work together with other researchers, while remaining your single point of contact.

BrilJan means: looking through Jan's glasses. I started playing chess at the age of nine and I still do that a lot today. Playing chess requires focus and thinking ahead. Good research requires that too. In my research work for your company, I make full use of these qualities.

More than twenty years of experience

What others say

Jan is a reliable person who has proven to be able to make the right news selections and fine-tune profiles in a short time. He works efficiently and communicates in a pleasant and humorous way. Pre-eminently someone you can deploy quickly and with confidence.

Head of library

Law firm

I experienced Jan as a clear, creative mind, who quickly and clearly collects relevant information about your company's market. He gives good advice that makes you think.

Bertram Lammers

Itip School for Life and Work

Jan is a pleasant colleague who effortlessly participated in our team. He is precise, understands a market quickly and provides information in a well-organized manner.

Head of research team

Investment company

It is nice to work with Jan. The enthusiasm with which Jan dives into the matter is contagious and provides new insights.

Bas Westdijk

Well Water


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